Multi Sport Arenas

Installation of Multi Sport Arenas

Although not currently supplying Multi Sports Arenas our experienced installation team are now installing them for a number of larger companies. We will shortly be able to offer our own products for installation

Why Multi Sports Arenas

A local sports ground, also called a multi-arena, offers a natural meeting point where anyone, regardless of age, can be inspired to participate in play and exercise.

Through an accessibility adapted local sports ground, possibilities for physical activity on children and young people's own terms is created, as well as providing integration and a sense belonging to an area. A local sports ground offers a natural meeting point where children, regardless of age, can get inspired to play and move.

When a recreational sports ground, a Multi Use Games Area, is constructed, it's important that it's adapted to everyone, and equipped with wheelchair-accessible entrances, which also prevent vandalism in the form of mopeds and bicycles on site. 

Our facilities give the possibility to a number of different sports and can be manufactured in wood and steel. Multi Use Games Areas or arenas can be made to standard measurements or to your specific requirements - down to the smallest detail. We collaborate with carefully chosen suppliers, focussing greatly on safety and quality. For the playing surface-, you can choose from artificial grass or rubber coatings

Scheduled and Reactive Maintainance

Due to the amount of wear and movement  it is essential to have a planned maintainance program. Brushing should be done on a regular basis, removing leaves also prolonges the life of the mat, checking of the stantions and beams should all be part of a program based on the amount of wear. Maintainance and repairs of the mat should be done as soon as they occur to prevent major damage

For more information regarding installation or maintainance of your Multi Sports Arenas please get in touch

Basic Bemanning   ( Click on the link to access their website )

Leena and Svante at Basic Bemmanning offer us a range of suitably experienced personell for all of our extra needs . They cover Södermanland, Stockholm and Upsalla but have availability all over the country sometimes at short notice for long and short term contracts.