Service and Repairs of Artificial Grass

Why is it imortant to regularly Service and Repair artificial sports surrfaces

AJJ  have a team of maintenance specialists who all share the same dedication so that customers get the most out of their synthetic grass surface.

Ongoing maintenance is a very important part of the lifetime of your artificial turf to ensure that factors such as usability, aesthetics and drainage of the turf don’t decrease. If maintenance is not carried out efficiently this may have a negative effect on your surface and a badly maintained surface and prove to be a costly process. 

Some companies offer a more “band aid” or just in time solution, however AJJ encourage our customers to be proactive and choose a preventative package so that you can be at rest and worries eliminated so that you don’t need emergency maintenance. Its usually much cheaper to reglue a seem than have to replace whole sections of your mat. However, we do understand that this is not to some of our customer’s preference so remember that we can fix wear and tear too with corrective maintenance.

If ‘in house’ brushing of the synthetic turf is not completed frequently this may mean that the sand infill could disperse to high wear areas leaving some parts of the grass not sanded enough. In turn, this would decrease the support of the carpet and causes the synthetic grass to flatten which could lead to an increase in carpet wears and severely decrease the lifetime of the product.

Contamination of the synthetic turf surface such as silica dust, dirt/debris, vegetation and broken down carpet fibre can cause contamination in the surface. This needs removing through various maintenance strategies, ( See Deep Cleans ) especially if they are left for a long period of time this can damage the infill and make draining the turf impossible (not something you want to be doing in the winter with the heavy rainfall and freezing temperatures). 

Moss and weeds can grow if the turf is not looked after properly which may be a health and safety risk as there may be a slipping hazard. This usually occurs around the corners and edges of the artificial grass but when the surface is first installed moss and algae would have great difficulty growing so it is therefore crucial to maintain your synthetic turf surface to keep your pitch looking as good as new to discourage any vegetation. Atmospheric waste such as leaves, shoes and pollution will contaminate the surface, read more on this by browsing to preventative maintenance.

Scheduled and Preventative Maintainance

Preventative maintenance is another name for ‘regular’ maintenance. It helps to enhance the safety and life expectancy of your artificial turf but also contributes to the overall performance standards and general appearance.

There are many reasons why preventative maintenance is necessary:

Maintaining sport facilities is an important part of keeping sports pitches in good condition. When we install sport pitches, we always suggest and explain to the client about the importance of having a sports facility maintenance schedule and how it can keep your surface in excellent performance condition and extend its life expectancy. We can help design a specific cleaning plan for your sports pitch surfacing to keep it safe and to maintain the playing qualities. There are two types of work that can be carried out; there area number of areas we concern ourselves with however much of the scheduled preventative maintenance is a process the customer can do themselves to prevent damages from occurring. You’ll apply reactive maintenance when you need to repair the surface after it has become damaged or worn over time.

Firstly, it makes sure that the surface is debris free. This keeps contaminants down to a minimum and keeps the growth of moss and algae down, this keeps the surface looking fresh, safe and blemish free!

Secondly, preventative maintenance ensures that the fibre of the yarn is stood up in its original position to keep the yarn strong making the surface look fresh and highlighting any underlying issues

Finally, this maintenance helps with the even distribution of the infill on your surface to ensure an even play sports surface. It also allows stability underfoot for play surfaces and sports surfaces in addition to stopping a build-up of infill which could subsequently cause a concrete-like build up within the surface. It keeps the yarn protected from footfall keeping bald patches at bay. 

What Can You Do?

  • Leaf collection and removal
  • Drag brushing/matting
  • Litter picking
  • Simple inspection of the artificial grass for any differences over a period of time

How Can You Encourage Everyone to Look After Your Surface?

  • Matting at the gates
  • Boot brushes
  • Bins around the facility
  • Signage indicating what can and can’t be done on the surface (we can organise this for you too)

Emergency or Corrective Repairs and Maintainance

All types of artificial turf can suffer from wear and tear over a period of time, even with the advancements in glues and tape sometimes we cannot avoid seams coming away. Synthetic turf seams can come apart and life which is unescapable but can be easily fixed by AJJ’s experienced team. There are certain areas (e.g. football goal areas) where seams lift more than other parts of the surface. 

Changing weather conditions and excessive usage can cause a certain degree of weakness in the joins and break down the glue. In addition, if incorrect footwear is worn this may also have an adverse effect on the performance of the artificial grass surface and could damage the pile. 

To make sure that seams don’t get further damage the first step is to address the damage as soon as possible and organise for the seam to be repaired, if this is not carried out the seam will get worse much more quickly and a simple seam repair could turn into something much more. 

Seam repairs involve a gluing process to re-stabilise, re-strengthen and renew an area of an artificial turf surface. 

One of the most important things to bear in mind is that if seam damage is not repaired this is often a health and safety risk to anyone using the artificial grass surface as there will be an increased risk of falling or tripping on the turf. 

Large Scale Remedial Ground Works at Sundsvall NP3 Arena

Hole Developed in Ground after area Subsided in Uppsala Komun

Removal and regluing of mat after ground has subsided

For more information regarding maintainance,servicing and repairing of your artificial grass surfaces please get in touch

Basic Bemanning   ( Click on the link to access their website )

Leena and Svante at Basic Bemmanning offer us a range of suitably experienced personell for all of our extra needs . They cover Södermanland, Stockholm and Upsalla but have availability all over the country sometimes at short notice for long and short term contracts.