Deep Cleaning of Artificial Grass

Why do we recommend deep cleaning of artificial sports surrfaces

It is important to carry out regular proactive maintenance to keep on top of the surfaces and make sure they stay in good condition, this can include brushing it and removing any dirt and litter from the ground. If the maintenance needed is reactive, this is where we, as sports pitch contractors, can give advice and specialist help for your facility. We offer the expert maintenance required, such as, redistribution of infill, damage repairs, infill rejuvenation and resurfacing of sports pitches.

This creates a better surface for the players, whilst also reducing the risk of injuries 

Scheduled and Reactive Maintainance

Maintaining sport facilities is an important part of keeping sports pitches in good condition. When we install sport pitches, we always suggest and explain to the client about the importance of having a sports facility maintenance schedule and how it can keep your surface in excellent performance condition and extend its life expectancy. We can help design a specific cleaning plan for your sports pitch surfacing to keep it safe and to maintain the playing qualities. There are two types of work that can be carried out; there are proactive and reactive methods. Proactive maintenance is a process you do to prevent damages from occurring. You’ll apply reactive maintenance when you need to repair the surface after it has become damaged or worn over time.

The sports that our surfaces are installed for include football, rugby, tennis, netball, basketball and hockey. The surface materials we specialise in are 2G sand dressed turf, 2G sand filled turf, 3 and 4G artificial grass. All of the surface types could be used for multi-use games areas where numerous activities are played. Each one of these outdoor flooring specifications will require some maintenance, in order to keep it in great condition and performing at a high quality. Not all the surfacing has the same cleaning process carried out, you have to treat each surface individually and have a unique plan. 

Sand filled Artificial Grass Surfaces

Sand filled turf normally requires a low amount of cleaning, however, you should carry out regular brushing and redistribution of infill. If you don’t look after the pitch it could need more specialist cleaning such as a rejuvenation to replace the infill. Sand dressed and sand filled surfaces also normally require more proactive work such as algae treatment and the reactive cleaning may be rejuvenation and drag matting.

We generally use power brushes or hand brushing of playing areas removing leaves and debris to give a top quality playing surface or play area.

Sand and Granulate filled 3g, 4g and 5g Artificial Grass Surfaces

Artificial turf normally requires a low amount of cleaning, however, you should carry out brushing and redistribution of infill regularly. If you don’t look after the pitch it could need more specialist cleaning such as a rejuvenation to replace the infill. 

3G artificial grass needs much less maintenance than natural grass. However, it will normally require drag matting, decompaction, grooming, chemical treatments, infill top ups and resurfacing in the future. TYpically we clean and brush down to between 15 and 28 mm of a pitch using Höger and SMG deap cleaning equipment. Both machines filter out debris of various sizes  For more information on activity surfacing maintenance, make certain to contact our team and we will get back to you right away.

For more information regarding maintainance and deep cleaning of your artificial grass surfaces please get in touch

Basic Bemanning   ( Click on the link to access their website )

Leena and Svante at Basic Bemmanning offer us a range of suitably experienced personell for all of our extra needs . They cover Södermanland, Stockholm and Upsalla but have availability all over the country sometimes at short notice for long and short term contracts.